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Monday, January 14, 2013

Map It Out

Ah Pinterest. What did women of the world do before it?

Seriously though. Pinterest is amazing. I can honestly get lost for hours on that site, pinning crap that I most likely will never do, cook or wear - but one can hope. It did however, give me the inspiration for this project...

Map Art. 

Last May the man-friend and I took a road trip down the Oregon coast. It was amazing. We departed from Wenatchee and headed down the Colombia River to Portland. After a few hours in Portland (with dinner at Bridgeport Brewery and dessert at Voodoo Doughnut), we continued down through Central Oregon and crossed over to the coast. I've spent a small amount of time on the coast, but nothing like this. My main goal was to see Cape Perpetua, which is home to attractions like Devi's Churn, Thor's Well and the Spouting Horn. Vern's main goal was to drink as much beer as possible and to avoid being in the endless amount of pictures I was taking. We continued North up the coast, stopping in little coastal towns such as Newport and Tillamook (home of the CHEESE factory!). We even got stuck in the dunes with the Kia-RV.  Yes, you read that right  - KIA-RV. Vern had the bright idea of turning his Kia into an RV. Which might sound ridiculous (cause it is) but genius at the same time. It was comfortable and we spent roughly 160$ each for a 4-day trip down the coast with money spent on beer at the various breweries rather than hotel. GENIUS. This was our first vacation together,
so it's pretty special to me.

We've been preparing for family and friends to come visit this weekend; which basically means I've been running around like a crazy person trying to make things look presentable.  While cleaning out the guest room , I came across the maps of Washington and Oregon that I've been hording for 8 months. It was one of those "DUDE get on it already!" moments. So with a glass of wine, I settled down to CREATE!

At a recent trip to JoAnn Fabric I picked up some cheap red yard and a thick needle. The yarn was on sale for $1.23 and the needle was $2.77. I spent  $4 on this entire project! BOOM! The frames I already had and the maps were free. Cheap and easy = happy Tawnya. 

At first I had no idea how to go about doing this. I spread the map out and marked our route in Washington using a pen. 

Then, using the picture insert as a template, I cut the map down to size. 

Threading my needle, I slowly started stitching my way across our route. Problem was ugly. The paper was tearing as I stitched in and out. I hated it. 

See. Big ugly holes. :( 

I figured if this didn't work out, I could always chalk-it up to a Pinterest FAIL and figure something else out. But nobody likes a quitter, so I forged ahead with the next map. 

This time though, I used the needle to poke holes along our route through Oregon rather than threading the needle and yarn through.

The result? 

Much better. 

I actually love it. And surprisingly Vern likes it too. Although, when he first saw it he said, "Why is a map of Oregon hanging in our hallway?". Once he realized the sentiment behind it he was on board.  It's different then just a picture in a frame and it's a reminder of something special to us. Plus it was driving me crazy to have an empty hallway. project down - 375 more to go. 

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