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Sunday, February 17, 2013

13 Years in the Making

Once upon a time...

A thirteen year old girl walked out of the gym locker room to stumble over a boy sitting on the ground. The boy exclaimed "You just stepped on my girlfriend!"

The girl looked around in confusion.  The only two people around were that boy and girl.  The girl smiled and apologized before walking off shaking her head.

Unbeknownst to the girl - that boy had made the first move. He had gained her attention with his imaginary girlfriend.

Two years later, that same boy leaned over the girl in their shared computer class and entered his e-mail into her Hotmail.  She couldn't get rid of him from that point on.

He chased her till she finally gave in.  She fell in love with him, but he wasn't ready for her. He broke her heart and she spent the next three years trying to make him realize that.

They moved on. Both eventually became involved in serious long-term relationships, but something wasn't right. Neither one of them felt whole or content.  They stayed friends, leaning on one another when life threw its curve balls, but by that point their relationship had grown into a mutual respect and admiration.

The timing was never right.

The boy moves to another state.  The girl works. The boy moves back to go to school.  The girl starts school.  The girl's mom has a heart attack.  The boy is there. The girl goes through multiple breakups.  The boy is there.  The girl changes jobs, apartments, boyfriends. The boy is still there. Always providing that "safe place" to come back to - even if it meant just holding her hand while she cried.

Five years pass.

They grow close again.  Then the boy moves. And when he does - the girl's heart breaks. The boy doesn't think a long distance relationship will work, but he can't let go of the girl - even though he tries like hell to move on. They remain friends, but slowly it evolves again until neither one can deny it any longer.

The boy finally became a man and asked that girl to be his.

And in case you didn't already get the point...

I said "YES!".

A year ago my best friend became my "beautiful piece of man-meat" (or in normal words - my boyfriend).

We survived living 2.5 hours away from each other for the first 8 months of our relationship, new jobs, new cars, family passing away, house purchases, moving in together, remodeling and all the other daily boring things that happen.

We've laughed a lot, cried a few times, taken vacations, made memories and above all - loved one another fiercely. He is what makes our house a home. He is my family and my best friend. He is the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Our relationship isn't perfect, but sometimes it's damn near close.

This blog wouldn't be if it wasn't for him.  The endless material that he provides me with is amazing. His understanding of my need to write is amazing.  His patience with having his life on display is amazing.  He is amazing.

Happy Anniversary Pook! I love you. A lot.
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