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Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?! Part Two.

When we left off earlier, my kitchen looked like this....

Not so pretty. 

I had finished sanding and deglossing the upper and lower cabinets that were left. (Note: As you can see, I failed to remove any of the contents from the actual cupboards. Vern always tells me to "work smarter, not harder" - which is what I believed I was doing. Or I was just being lazy. Besides getting sanding dust all over our Tupperware, it worked out just fine.)

The next two days became a seemingly endless routine that consisted of the following: 

  • Work
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Priming 
  • Drinking wine
Oh, and the occasional trip to the gym. There was primer under my fingernails, stuck to my fingers, and occasionally in my hair.

But eventually the cabinet doors started to look more like this...

And the cabinet bases started to look more like this...

Also, as the above picture showcases - I didn't even attempt to clean. I was honestly too damn tired by the end of the day. We don't usually live in such squalor I promise. 

At this point I was three days in, with the goal that I would have our kitchen put back together by Sunday night. I must have had one too many glasses of wine when I came up with that plan.  As the days dragged on I realized - there was no way this was going to be in perfect shape before my man-friend came home. :(

I still had entire doors that needed to be primed (twice) on both sides. This may have been the point when I collapsed on the floor in defeat. Damn you ugly cabinets! Damn you! 

Obviously I powered through the defeat and by 2 a.m. the rest of the doors had a coat of primer on them before I finally gave in to exhaustion and went to bed. 

Saturday morning  afternoon was finally the big day.  Painting time! 

I thought that if I powered through the day, I would be able to get an even coat on all sides by the end of the night.  The label on the paint can said it would take an hour to dry and four hours till the second coat could be applied. I calculated the time for each door, even writing the time when the next coat was due on a piece of painters tape. Then I spent the next 14 HOURS painting. 

It was hell. 

I don't know what the f**k I was thinking. 

By 1:30 A.M. Sunday morning our kitchen looked like this....


As you can tell, not only did I crack out and paint all the cabinets, but I painted the back wall and the wall behind the sink the same color as our bedroom.  There needed to be some contrast from the Husky Grey of the rest of the room.  Also - our lovely "vent" for the stove is now covered up by the world map I painted Vern for his birthday. The canvas is extra deep, so it fit over the bubble of a vent door perfectly. If we ever need to use it, we take the painting down. Ugly eye-sore problem solved!

For comparison sake here's the before and after....

Is it perfect? Nope. Are we done? Nope. 

In fact, here is what the inside of the cupboards look like. Not even close. Pretty much every back needs a coat of paint and all the crevices need touch ups. 

Also....I suck at installing hardware. You can't tell in the picture, but this pull is crooked. So are two out of the four that I installed. Fail. 

So this weekend guess what my man-friend gets to do? :)

All in all though, we're both pretty happy with the end result (or what the end result will be once we're finished).  The kitchen is 1000 time brighter and makes me feel like we're living in less of a "slum" (as Vern calls it). 

I've already been looking at tile for the back splash behind the sink. :) So the kitchen project isn't anywhere near completion....there's also the whole washer in the kitchen problem, but we're a ways from fixing that one. 

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