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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Backyard Boom

I'm pretty sure over the last few weeks I have yelled at Vern more than once "I THOUGHT THIS WAS GOING TO BE SIMPLE!!!!????"

I should have learned long ago, that nothing is done the "simple" way with that man.

Let's rewind....

Roughly three weeks ago our back yard looked like this:

The only thing that we had accomplished was building a small garden bed and uncovering a 50+ year old walkway.  As green and pretty as it looks - the yard was a different story in person.  The ground was horribly uneven and riddled with varying sizes of dead sticks from our lovely (and overgrown) trees.  There was no way Vern was going to be able to use the lawn mower back there and it was not a functional space for us. 

So we started brainstorming.  

The initial idea was that the sod would be cut, removed and the ground leveled. We would either lay down sod or re-seed the entire yard so that we had a nice expanse of FLAT beautiful grass. (Vern has a weird thing about nice grass). The garden bed would expand the length of the fence and we would add  a patio at the end of the walkway for outdoor entertainment. Then end. 

I should have known that that would not be the extent of this project. 

While I was away visiting friends for the weekend, Vern got to work.  He rented a sod cutter from Lowes for $70 and 45 minutes later, sent me a picture of the result. 

Pretty huh?

The cutting of the sod was the easy part.  Removing the piles of grass however proved to be more difficult. Luckily Vern was able to find someone on Craigslist who needed "fill dirt".  Most of the piles were loaded into the truck and dumped on someone else's property.  Better their yard than ours!

Then the fun part began. Rototilling.  We were able to borrow a rototiller rather than rent one, which has been ridiculously useful considering the entire yard has been rototilled more than once at this point.  While I enjoyed wine with the girls, Vern began digging out the garden bed. :)

This was followed by a text of "Hurry up and get home tomorrow.  You have work to do." : /

By the time I got home that Sunday afternoon, the rock had been laid and the garden bed pretty much built.  My job was to transplant the current garden into the new one. 

A trip to Lowes for more plants and some compost to mix in with the yard dirt led to this beauty. I may have stared in wonder at it for awhile.  The boyfriend does such a good job with projects like this. I'm a lucky girl. 

The project wasn't done however.  Throughout the next week Vern adding a border....

....and I stained the entire thing. 

I absolutely love it.  It's my favorite thing in the backyard (for now).  Although I did have to add on to it earlier this week....

Netting. Lots of Netting.  I couldn't figure out why there were random holes in my lettuce and spinach leaves, or why none of my strawberries were growing.  Then one day I looked outside and watched a group of birds pick everything apart. Grrrr. On the Westside you have slugs, apparently on the Eastside the problem is birds. Le sigh. 

With the completion of the garden bed, things with the rest of the yard slowly started to evolve....ideas became expanded and pretty soon we had this...

It's going to take me a whole different post to explain this structure, but trust me, it's pretty amazing. 

But more on that later. :) 

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