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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Backyard Saga Part Two

In the last post, we left off with this...

A very lovely Garden space? Shed? Vern's new place to sleep from now on? 

Actually it's none of the above.  This is where our outdoor dining table will go and the posts behind it are what will become our privacy wall.  Don't want the neighbors peeking in on our oh so classy dinner parties....which technically we don't have....YET. 

The argument for the raised platform might have been the very first one the Permanent Roommate and I have had while building/remodeling.  I'd say that's pretty good for us.  

When we first started throwing ideas around, I wanted to lay down a patio.  I envisioned something along the lines of this: 

But obviously not as fancy because we are a. poor and b. impatient. 

Vern said no.  He didn't want to deal with the maintenance of laying down stones or pavers and eventually having renters not maintain them.  There also was the issue that stones and pavers are expensive.  A friend of our laid a patio down with large stones and it cost him close to $300 just for the stones. No thanks. 

So then Vern came up with the idea of a deck platform at the far end of our yard. Like this: 

Look at how happy those people look! I was on board with the deck idea, but somewhere along the line Vern decided that he didn't want to do a deck....he wanted to build a hill. 

I firmly said NO to that idea. I hated it. I absolutely hated it. Who builds a hill in their backyard? Not us. Most certainly not us.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I came home to find this...

The man-friend caved and bought pressure treated wood.  We were building a BOX!  Little did I know that this was no ordinary box (It never is with Vern). This was going to be a 10ft x 20ft raised platform with 14 4x4 posts sunk into the ground with concrete. 

As Vern cut, dug, mixed, poured and leveled - I mostly buzzed around asking stupid questions and annoying the crap out of him.  It's what I do best. 

I don't know much about the exact process he did all this with.  At some point I got bored and started fiddling around in the garden, only pausing to help him attach the supports to keep the posts straight and level. Best helper EVER. 

At the end of night one our yard looked a little scary.  We're not the neatest DIYers out there. Obviously. 

The next day I assisted the man-friend with attaching boards and we begun the slow and very boring process of moving dirt into said platform.  I have many talents in my little body...but yard work is not one of them.  I am probably the most pathetic "helper" out there when it comes to this stuff.  I swear Vern spends half the time watching me with a bemused look on his face before he finally either tells me how to do it properly or just does it himself.  I like the latter better. 

Over the next few days Vern rototilled the yard and we leveled it out by moving that dirt into the platform. 


At the end of each night Vern would take the hose, water the dirt down and roll what i like to call the "squisher" over the top of it. I'm sure it has a technical name, but whatever.  It's a big drum filled with water.  You roll it over the dirt and it compacts it.  The dirt will eventually be covered with sod, so we need to make sure that everything is packed in there nice and tight so that down the line we don't have shifting or sinking dirt under the grass. 

Little did I know that as I was begrudgingly shoveling dirt, Vern was coming up with more and more ideas for this whole "backyard living space".  

Before I knew it...this started happening....


Rather than be those people who run extension cords all over their yard, Vern decided that it was necessary to run electrical out to the platform.  His argument being "When it gets cold outside we can put heaters out there!" Whatever. I tried to argue that we would just use the fire pit we plan on adding as a heat source, but he didn't listen to me. Never does. 

He spend the following day digging a foot deep trench to run outdoor conduit. This involved tunneling under the walkway and ripping up the yard. Like usual - I stood back and watched. 

I also made a few inappropriate comments to his chagrin. Seriously though...a beautiful man-friend rolling around in the dirt is on the attractive scale in my mind. :)

I was desperately hoping that once the electrical was done we could start getting things ready to lay down sod, but I should have known better. As soon as the electrical was covered up...he started digging for the sprinkler system. 

*bangs head against the table

Maybe the backyard will be done by October.  I'll keep ya posted. 

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  1. No wonder Vern sounds exhausted! You guys might be done before you move to wide open spaces! Keep up the good work - hope to see you soon!