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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Long Overdue


Remember that time I started a blog and then right in the middle of a huge project I just stopped posting updates and then over an entire year went by without me posting anything again.....yeah....that happened.

I would love to have a wonderful excuse like I was out traveling the world and having these great adventures, but that would be a giant lie.  Well, actually I did take a trip to Yellowstone, Glacier and Maui...but still. In all reality we just got extremely busy. Not only did I start a challenging Bachelor's Degree program at Central Washington University, but my position was also somewhat upgraded at work - leaving me almost no free time.

Now that school is over with for the summer, I don't know what to do with myself.  Naturally, I turn to the blog. :)

Picking up where I left off...

We finished the backyard eventually, and it went from this... this.... this....

We never did get around to building that outdoor table, but we did purchase an awesome projector and spent some wonderful nights out in our yard watching movies and reading in the hammock. :) The man-friend chopped down a tree, we eventually cleaned up all the stuff over on the far side and I realized that having a 20' garden bed is a lot of work that required daily maintenance and dealing with bugs (no thank you). 

After the yard fiasco we took a nice long break from any home improvement projects. Vern started ice climbing as soon as the weather permitted and like I said I was accepted into my degree program, which kept me extremely busy.  

This last spring we had a few unexpected (but welcome) surprises.  First, we moved!  To a real house! I'll spare you the boring details, but we purchased a bigger house across the river, one with a detached shop and double the square footage of the duplex. Pictures will come later. We still have the duplex and are officially landlords now.  We rented it out to a lovely couple who moved to the area.  I was honestly really sad to leave the duplex.  It was our first "home".  The place where we learned how to coexist together, had our first pets together, worked on numerous projects together, etc.  It was the place that Vern and I made "ours".  I would have been content to stay there, but after we acquired the "Thundercats" it started to feel a bit cramped. 

I wish I would have taken "before" pictures, but I'm not always the best at thinking ahead. When we left the house looked like this... 

After painting every single surface of the entire house, we built the shelves that separate the dinging area from the kitchen.  The man-friend built the dining room table, the built-in seating and rewired the electrical so that we had outlets on each end; one of them containing a USB plug in for our phones. 

Besides new paint, the living room didn't get much of an update.  The man-friend randomly brought home a new TV one day and I built the giant chalkboard that is hanging up with pictures attached to it, but other than that we didn't do any major updates.

Our bedroom got new paint and curtains.  I built a headboard, refinished the hope chest and painted the lovely John Wayne painting (that to this day still isn't finished). 

The guest room was updated while Vern was away (much to his surprise).  I added the chair rail and painted the room.  Before we decided to move, I had intended for this room to become our office, but it didn't happen.

The bathroom received new paint on the walls, cabinets and trim.  

Overall, it was a great little house, but we were beginning to outgrow it - especially with the addition of this little guy: 

Meet Sam. :)

Sam became the newest member of our little family shortly before we moved.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog.  Unfortunately, their adult size (120+ lbs.) and their price tag always prevented me from getting one.  By a stroke of luck (and a very good friend) we found Sam and he was too good to refuse.  

These days Sam looks more like a dog rather than a puppy.  

At five months old he's already the size of a fully grown dog and weighs about the same too.  We still can't believe our luck of finding such a great dog.  He's sweet, smart and the perfect addition to our home. 

Speaking of our home, as soon as this last quarter finished I immediately began to dive into new projects around the house. I promise that pictures and updates will soon follow, but for now you'll just have to be satisfied with a picture of the animals. :)

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  1. Iam so glad you started your blog again i love them

  2. Why has over a month gone by and I'm just now finding that this has been updated!