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Monday, July 28, 2014

Dining Room Art

Today's update isn't very exciting, but it's an update at least.  Vern came home from Alaska and infected me with two different forms of illness, which have created a pretty miserable and pathetic vibe in our household, all we've really done is geek out and watch three straight seasons of Game of Thrones (I'm obsessed with Khaleesi). However, yesterday I was feeling well enough to begin embarking on the task of fixing the dining room art dilemma.

When we lived in the duplex, the large "eat" sign worked for the our small dining room.  It honestly was a spur of the moment project.  At the time, I didn't want to stare at a blank wall, but didn't want to spend money on anything either.  Naturally, I went salvaging in the garage and found a piece of plywood, slapped some stain on it, created a stencil, slapped some paint over that and called it good.  The sign stayed above our little dining room area until we moved.

Once we moved, the sign sat in the empty dining room.  When I built the new dining room table I hung it on the wall as a place holder of sorts for something better.  I looked around various stores around town for something to fill the space, but since I'm cheap (and crafty), I figured my best option would be to find another way to use the sign instead of abandoning a large, perfectly good piece of plywood.  When I stumbled upon this Pinterest picture.....

I knew exactly what to do.  Also, my inner nerd geeked out a bunch. :)  

Because I've been on such a chalkboard making adventure, I figured it would be cool to have a large permanent one hanging in our house, and that it would go along with the vision I have in my head for this area (please don't ask me to explain said vision, I don't know if I could if I tired).  Also I have quite the array of chalk, chalk pens and chalkboard paint - so 

It took a three heavy coats of Rustoleum's chalk paint to begin to cover things up, but eventually it was there. Vern didn't enjoy the smell, so if you have sensitive noses in the house I suggest using chalk paint outside whenever possible. 

The entire board got a heavy "chalk seasoning", which is pretty much rubbing a piece of chalk all over to "season" the new chalkboard.  This makes it so your words will wipe off and you won't be able to see lines every time you erase something.  It also gives  it the heavily used "chalkboard" look. 

Then outlining the design began - a.k.a - the not very fun part. 

It took a few hours to get the outline done, mostly due to the fact that it's a pretty rough piece of plywood.  There's a lot of grooves and bumps in it that prevented me from getting the straight lines I wanted.  

It's a step in the right direction though.  Although there are still many more hours of "coloring" ahead of me, I'm happy the ugly sign is gone and we're getting something fun and nerdy in its place. :)

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