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Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Special - Projects I Suck At

More often then I would ever like to admit, I begin a project that just doesn't work out.  Actually, it more than "just doesn't work out".  It is a complete failure. I might start making this a weekly post, it seriously happens that often!

Anyone who knows me knows that these minor setbacks don't usually get under my skin.  I typically just abandon said project and find something that works, which drives Vern crazy.  I figured it would be good to share my most recent failure as an example to the cold hard truth that not everything works out as planned.

After the completion of the new table and having a somewhat functional dining room, I turned my attention to the decor, which we are seriously lacking.  Bare walls drive me absolutely insane and none of the artwork from the previous house seem to go well with our new layout. I seemingly hate everything from the old house and feel like I can't get the decorating decisions right.

The walls on either side of the window are in desperate need of some art and the giant "eat" sign just doesn't work in this space.  

While I was at Lowe's pursuing the selection of wood (yes, I do this from time to time) I came across a 2' x 4' white wood board that I thought I could use for the two blank walls on either side of the window (where the red diamond is in the above picture). 

I wanted some "rustic" looking pieces that would tie in the stain from the table and the paint color in the living room (Benjamin Moore's Van Deusen Blue).  After chopping them in half with one of the saws I actually know how to operate, I was left with two pieces that would fit in the center of each wall.   

I also procured the above vinyl stickers from our hall closet, which is also where I shove any and everything I don't feel like putting away or don't have a place to put away. It may or may not slightly resemble Monica's closet on Friends...

It's really a treasure trove of crap that drives Vern insane.  :)  Anyway, using the same Dark Walnut stain that I used on the table I lathered a few coats on and waited for it to dry. 

Or rather I waited for it to be "dry-ish". 

I carefully peeled the vinyl pieces off their backing, which was way harder than I anticipated.  The thinner lines kept stretching and/or tearing, making it absurdly difficult.  I also for the life of me could not entirely get all of the air bubbles out from underneath the vinyl itself.  

Then I used the test pot of Van Deusen blue to dry brush over the vinyl.  

Side note:  I love our local Benjamin Moore store. LOVE. The employees are fantastic and so helpful.  After having one too many screw ups with the big box hardware store paint, I will never, EVER go back to using a paint that isn't Benjamin Moore. Seriously...BEST. PAINT. EVER. 

 I let the paint dry just enough that it wouldn't bleed under the vinyl and then I pulled it off.

This was the finished piece.  I hate it.  I considered using a small paintbrush to define the lines of the arrows in white paint, but it just didn't seem worth it.  The blue didn't look right and the stain plus the paint make the whole thing too dark.  I have a habit of picking one color for a room and then staying either eintirely with that color or within the color family.  My goal with this house is to have more "pops" of color throughout each room, which means I will have to step outside of my comfort zone.  This project was NOT me stepping out of my comfort zone and it just didn't turn out the way that I envisioned it would. 

Needless to say, my walls are still empty and now I have two random pieces of wood to cover up.  Guess you can't win them all. Better luck next time.  

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