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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Vacation Weekend!

Since my last post, we haven't made any sort of progress on any sort of project around the house.  Well, that's not entirely true - we did install a new high-tech door lock, but I'll get to that in a later post.  This post is just a re-cap of our awesome mini-vacation to the big city and the beach because I'm sore from the gym and don't want to get up to take pictures of house-related stuff.  :) So enjoy.

A few months ago Vern discovered that the musical "The Book of Mormon" was coming to Seattle.  I never thought that the word "musical" and Vern would go hand-in-hand, but considering this is a musical from the creators of South Park I should have known better.  We bought tickets for a Thursday evening and decided to make it a super fancy date night since we don't get many of those.  Coincidentally, Vern's family were planning on a weekend at the beach the same weekend, so I took the rest of the week off and we planned a mini-vacation with Sam (the Thundercats had to stay home - much to my dismay).  

Sam got to spend Thursday night with my best friend.  His evening was filled with bones, dogs and swimming.  Lucky dog. 

Once Sam was dropped off, we hightailed it through traffic to get to downtown Seattle for our dinner reservations.  Here's where the night got interesting.  Although I had looked at these tickets multiple times, for some reason I thought we were going to the Fifth Avenue Theatre.  I saw a different musical there a few years ago and I guess I just assumed it was where all the musicals took place.  The ticket clearly states the musical is at the Paramount Theatre, but I didn't catch that until we were in downtown traffic and I was directing Vern down Fifth Avenue.  Luckily, one of us (not me) pays attention and pointed out that we were heading to the wrong theatre.  I planned our dinner reservation with the idea that we were going to a totally different theatre.  Awesome.  

Vern made the executive decision to find a parking spot and figure it out at dinner. 

I made the executive decision that I needed wine.  Lots of it. 

Awe, such a handsome guy trying to figure out how far we have to go to get to the RIGHT place. :) We ate dinner at the Palomino, which was delicious and the bottle of wine helped with my agitation of having to walk six blocks in these....

The theatre was packed and the musical was amazing.  The opening number alone should give you an idea of the general theme of the evening...


You're not suppose to take pictures or even have your phone out, but I'm a rebel and I snapped a few. 

The theatre was gorgeous! The picture above was the ceiling, no filter.  I kept trying to figure out how I could convince Vern to put something like that in our room so I could stare at it every night.  So far no luck. 

Friday we picked up our tired puppy and headed to Westport to spend a weekend with the family and celebrate Vern's upcoming birthday early. 

 We stayed at the Westport Inn, in these adorable little cabins.  Everyone had their own cabin right next to each other and we had great weather for the Washington coast.

That was our first attempt to get a family picture.  It took multiple tries before we ended up with a good one (We're missing the Thundercats though).

Sam enjoyed his first trip to the beach.  He was a fan of being able to freely run and roam.  Not a big fan of the actual ocean though, weird for a dog who dives into pretty much any body of water he sees. 

I drove Vern crazy trying to capture too many pictures, which is par for the course. 

 We enjoyed tons of food and good quality time with the family.  It's not often we get to spend any considerable amount of time with Vern's grandparents, sisters, mom, nieces and nephews.  This is something we definitely want to do more of.

By Sunday we were ready to begin our long trek home.  One last romp on the beach for Sam and we began the six hour car ride back to Wenatchee.

Back to reality and back to the daily grind.  It was nice to get away for a weekend, but now we're home and my cabinets are really starting to bother me.  The goal is to have them done by the end of the month...let's see if I can knock that one out.  

Are there any big projects you can't seem to knock out? Or am I the only one? 

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