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Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Special: Projects I Suck At

The biggest pet peeve Vern has with me is my inability to finish one project before I start another one.  It drives him absolutely insane.  He is a very focused individual when it comes to tasks or projects.  When he sets his mind to something he sticks with it until it is done and until it is done right.



Not so much. 

Right now, I can count at least six different house/art projects that I have "in process".  I like to tell Vern that my creative process is to have multiple things going at the same time, that it helps me visualize the project as a whole better.  That's bullshit.  Really I just get bored and find something different to entertain me until I feel like doing the first project again.  Perfect example....our kitchen. 

I swore after I painted the cabinets at the duplex that I would never, EVER, paint cabinets again.  Fast forward to a year later and I'm staring at this: 

The new house is not as old as the duplex, but it still has just as many quirks.  When we first moved in, Vern had to purchase a new hot water heater (ours was leaking) and then relocate it to the guest room closet because the washer and dryer did not fit properly with the hot water heater in the laundry room.  Almost every room has a beige popcorn ceiling that I'm not looking forward to removing, and our yard is literally just dirt. Those are just a few of the "quirks" of this house, there are many more that I'm sure will be mentioned at some point here. 

This house was owned by Fanny Mae and sat vacant for a year before we bought it. The above pictured cabinets received new doors and drawer fronts before we moved it, but the actual cabinets themselves...well those are in pretty bad shape.  They're old, stained, dented, some drawers have drawer liners that REFUSE to come up, they squeak and not all of them close properly.  

At this time, we're not going to replace the cabinets.  Just not worth it and we have much bigger fish to fry (like putting in a yard and remodeling Vern's bathroom).  

So for now, we're doing the smaller update of painting the cabinets, adding floating shelves and tiling a backsplash.  

This time around, I knew what to do and the type of paint to get.  Deglossing, sanding, priming and painting left me with all of the bottom cabinets looking like this: 

That's really an awful picture.  Seriously.   It was taken at night with my phone and does not do the actual color justice.  Also, it's crooked.

I used Benjamin Moore's Advanced in Raccoon Fur.  It's a deep navy that looks great with the satin nickle pulls I picked up from Lowe's.  

So why is this a project I suck at?  Because it's been at least two months now and our kitchen is still sitting with only the bottom fronts painted.  Yep, I didn't even paint the back of the bottom cabinet doors.  There is hardware on three doors and two drawer fronts that are just primed.  Somewhere during the middle, I just lost my drive and moved on to other things (like building a dining room table). 

The permanent roommate is starting to get a little cranky about the lack of finished cabinets, so this project just moved up the priority list.  

I'm thinking eventually we'll end up with something similar to this (in color and tile): 

Or this: 

And once the cabinet/tile project is complete, hopefully I can convince Vern to add some floating shelves like this: 

He absolutely hates opening and closing cabinet doors.  He'll rant and rave for a full 20 minutes about how much time he wastes opening doors.  Sometimes I like to "poke the bear" just to get him going on how pointless doors are.  It's pretty amusing.  

However his inability to close a door in the house leaves us with open doors everywhere.  I'm not kidding either - and it's really annoying when you're 5'2 and hit your head on the sharp little corner of an open kitchen cabinet door.  Grrrrr. 

I'm hoping that with open shelving for at least our dishes, I can stop getting battle wounds every time I go to grab something to eat. 

Fingers crossed. 

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