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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Reviewing Our Ikea Kivik Sectional After (almost) Two Years

When the man-friend and I first moved into the duplex we had a lot of boxes and pretty much no furniture.  Well, that's not true.  We had a coffee table, a desk and Vern's hideous black Lazy Boy recliner.

Somehow, that stupid recliner has wound up in my living room again, but that is a battle I am willing to fight later.  

We lived without a proper couch for a few months before it became unbearable.  I looked around town for an affordable sectional, but had no luck.  I was convinced that Ikea would provide us with what we needed, but unfortunately Vern was dead set that we would NOT purchase Ikea furniture for our house.  After many hours of convincing argument, I finally got him to comply with my wishes and he trekked to Ikea to pick up our new sectional. 

You can read all about the disaster that was acquiring said couch here.

We ended up purchasing Ikea's Kivik model over their Karlstad model only for the simple fact that the Karlstad model was not in stock (even though it said it was online...damn you Ikea).

The Kivik model was only slightly more expensive than the Karlstad model and we really, really, needed a couch.

So how has it held up over the (almost) last two years?


Let's just say that Vern has vowed that we will never purchase a large piece of furniture from Ikea again.

Let's start with the bad:

1.  The lounge seat never stays in one place.

Despite the fact that it has a large Velcro strip underneath it and on the base of the couch, there is nothing we can do that will keep this cushion on that we haven't already tried.  It is forever sliding off the end of the actual couch. 

2.  We had to alter the legs.  

The legs that came with the Kivik model were maybe two inches high.  The couch was initially so low that you almost felt like you were falling back in order to sit down on it.  The man-friend concocted some legs out of a 4x4 and some spools we had laying around (which as you can see, I never got around to painting or staining), but this prevents us from ever really moving the couch around.  Moving said couch requires a herculean effort to reattach all TWELVE legs. 

 3.  Cushion Slumping.

Again, no matter how hard I try, the back cushion usually looks like this...unless guests are coming over and then I fix it.  Because the bottom cushion is always "popping out" that means that the top cushion is always slumping behind the bottom cushion.  The interior cushion was never evenly distributed, even when we first bought it, so the pillow ALWAYS sags. 

4.  No matter how hard I try, the cover is never without wrinkles. 

The entire couch has a removable cover and is attached by strips of Velcro underneath.  This wrinkle in the fabric has always been there.  No matter where I pull or how hard I pull, I can not get it to lay flat. 

5.  Just like the lounge...the seat cushions don't stay put either. 

Unlike the lounge however; the seat cushions do not have any sort of Velcro to hold them in place.  These don't pop out as much as the lounge does, but often enough that it drives me crazy. 

Last but not least: 

6.  Dark Grey is not the best color when you want to mask animal fur and stains.  

This really isn't Ikea's fault.  It's mine for thinking this was going to be the best color of cover to choose.  We acquired the Thundercats roughly a year into having this couch.  The Thundercats have light gray, white, cream color fur that is highly visible on dark fabrics.  I could construct a whole new cat with the amount of fur I vacuum off the couch weekly. 

The other downside is that after almost two years, the cover hasn't held up as well as I'd hoped.  It's starting to get that dingy worn look that most couches get after time.  Ours just aged a little quicker than I expected.  

Not everything about this purchase was bad though. There are good aspects of this couch like: 

1.  The price. 

Vern will argue with me on this one.  If you are just starting out and want something semi-cheap and you live near an Ikea, I'm sure $1000 doesn't sound like a bad deal.  Now that we've had some time to really do some comparison shopping, we should have went with something local.  If you add up the time, gas, and extra materials it took to get this specific couch to our wasn't worth it, but if you're just looking for something to tide you over for a few years, it's a good buy. 

2.  The comfort. 

The couch is super comfortable.  Both Vern and I have slept on it and neither of us have ever complained about the comfort.  It's nice that the back cushions can be removed, which allows more width on the seat.  The extra wide arm rests are also nice for setting items such as your head, laptop, etc. 

3.  The look (for the most part). 

For the most part (minus that stupid wrinkle), the couch comes together nicely when necessary.  Would we purchase another Kivik couch from Ikea again - no, we would not, but it's served it's purpose for the time being.  

Now the real challenge is convincing Vern that we need a new one. :) A girl can dream. 

7 comments on "Reviewing Our Ikea Kivik Sectional After (almost) Two Years"
  1. We are looking for a decent sized workplace for the study.
    Just not sure if I should get a free standing desk or to buy something that is custom with the rest of our Luann.

  2. Thanks for the review, it's been super helpful!

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  4. Thank you very much for the detailed review. While there isn't much reviews on the Kivik, most of the few I've read are mixed. I'm not sure if the leather Kivik will hold up well than the fabric.

  5. Thank you! We have the soderhamn sectional and are thinking of replacing it with the kivik. Not so sure I want to spend the money now. I guess I need to save more for the pottery barn one I really want.

  6. We have the Karlstad and was wondering if you could send a closeup picture of your 4x4 legs. The karlstad sits too low also. Thank you

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