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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Cabinet Battle Rages On

My plan to finish the cabinets over this last weekend was thwarted by the simple fact that I forgot HOW LONG IT TAKES TO PAINT CABINETS!

It takes forever and even that is an understatement.  

It probably would have been helpful if I would have just done them all at once, but thinking ahead has never been a strong point of mine.  

Here's an update of what was accomplished over the weekend, sorry in advance for the bad IPhone pictures.  My fancy camera still isn't working and my focus wasn't on getting good pictures.  It was on finishing the stupid cabinets.  

The kitchen has remained pretty much untouched for the better part of the last few months.  I successfully painted 50% of the bottom cabinets, and that was it.  As you can see from the below picture, a drawer front was only primed, the drawer fronts for under the sink are missing and not pictured...the backs of most of the doors weren't even primed.  

Friday night I came home from work determined to get moving on this stagnant task. 

I removed all the doors and drawer fronts that needed paint and set to work. 

Now that we have a dining room table, I was able to make a nice little work space rather than spreading everything out on the counters.  It was helpful to have everything in one central area.  I pretty much just did a rotation around the kitchen.  By the time I was done with the doors I would move on to the upper cabinet bases and by the time I was done with that, the doors were ready for another coat. 

Around my third layer of primer I realized that the upper cabinets would look so much better if the inside matched the outside.  That way, when Vern leaves a cabinet door open, it wouldn't look so dark and dreary inside the actually cupboard.  So...everything was pulled out and I went to town. Surprisingly, the cabinets are pretty well built out of solid wood, not particle board.  They're just old and ugly. 

Once everything began to get the final coat of paint, I started the attempt to remove the cabinets by the stove.

The cabinets above will be removed and the entire wall will receive new tile and a proper exhaust that works.  The one pictured doesn't work...except for the's actually not even hooked up to anything. The only other thing it does is make an awful sound when you try to turn the fan on.  This will also be the location of the floating shelves that will hold our every-day dishes and glassware. 

Since I only needed to paint the rest of the cabinet in the corner, it was only necessary to take one cabinet down, which proved to be more difficult than I anticipated. 

The cabinets are not screwed into the studs.  They are nailed.  :(


The head of each nail was buried into the wood, which made it difficult to pry out.  

Using a knife and a hammer I was able to get two out before I called in the big guns (aka Vern). He was able to get the cabinet down in a few minutes using tools he keeps hidden away from me (Jerk). 

The corner cabinet doesn't extend completely to the wall, so we improvised with a piece of plywood. 

(The empty white spot is where the open shelving will go.)

The man-friend cut the plywood down and shot a few nails into the frame of the cabinet and then I got to continue on with the fun task of sanding and painting. 

By Sunday night, the cabinet frames were complete and I was able to put everything back on their shelves.  

We put the lower cabinet doors back on and (almost) finished putting the hardware on. Somehow, in the last few months, I've managed to misplace a few of the pulls and handles for the lower doors, so a trip to Lowe's is in my near future.  

The upper cabinet doors are still in the process of painting.  Each side has received two coats of primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore's Advanced in White.  I think one more good coat and ample drying time will be enough to warrant my kitchen being put back together.  

I've been gearing up for the big tile backsplash project next, but Vern made the executive decision that counter tops come first.  I didn't anticipate that we would get new counters, but apparently Vern saw the "light" and decided that if we're going to make the kitchen look nice, we have to install new counters, so my dreams of gorgeous new tile will have to wait. :(

We've been leaning toward butcher block counters like these:

But we're still undecided.  

However, we're moving closer and closer to being able to cross off a few things on the Kitchen To-Do List.

  • Refinish/Paint kitchen cabinets.(90% done)
  • Remove cabinets above stove.
  • Add cabinet hardware. (90% done)
  • Install new counter tops. 
  • Add tile backsplash and accent wall. 
  • Replace stove exhaust.
  • Remove popcorn ceiling.
  • Remove trash compactor and replace with cabinet for trashcan. 
  • Install new light fixtures.
  • Install under cabinet lighting
  • Install floating shelves for dishes. 

So that's exciting!

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