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Monday, September 15, 2014

Cha Cha Cha Changes!

I would first like to start off by saying that coming up with a clever blog post title is one of the hardest parts about starting off a post.  I know, my life is rough, but seriously.  So I apologize in advance for any cheesy blog titles.  Please bear with me. :)

I mentioned that over Labor Day weekend we did some (somewhat) major updating in the dining room.  No, I still haven't removed the popcorn ceiling, that task is something I am dreading.  The dining room however looks nothing like it did before.

Let's begin.

The last time the dining room was discussed, it looked like this:

Although the addition of a dining room table turned the previously empty room into an actual dining room, something just didn't feel right.

So I created a large chalkboard (here) and made some curtains (here). 

Something still felt forced about the room and aesthetically drove me crazy.  

When I saw that Michelle of 4 Men 1 Lady  created these simple floating shelves inspiration struck and I found what I was looking for.  

Vern came home that Friday night and immediately said, "I smell paint.  What did you paint!?"  :)

Creativity had struck and he  found the far wall newly painted the same color of the lower cabinets as well as a list of supplies we needed from Home Depot. 

This color is really hard to get an accurate picture of.  Sometimes it looks almost black (like in the picture of the cabinets) but in person it's just a really deep navy.  

Using the instructions from Michelle above, we picked up two 1x4x8 and one 1x2x8 pre-primed boards. 

The three boards produced two 4' floating shelves and cost roughly $18.  

I measured the halfway points on each board, checking my measurements twice. 

And then sawed through the marked lines.  I learned awhile ago not to trust the laser on our miter saw, so now I make sure the edge of the blade lines up on my line before I cut.  See! What a good little carpenter I'm becoming!

As much as I enjoy doing these projects on my own, putting the shelves together proved to be a two-person job, so I enlisted the help of my Permanent Roommate.  

Also, the nail gun kind of scares me and he's better at using it. 

Some wood glue and a lot of nails did the trick, but unfortunately I wasn't careful in picking my boards.  Some of them bowed slightly, which caused my seams to not line up perfectly.  I was willing to just leave it as it, but my perfectionist boy toy decided the table saw and belt sander would be the answer to our problem.  

Just a little off the side. :)

Can you tell which one needed to be sanded down? 

Because the boards were pre-primed I just started layering on the paint.  I used Benjamin Moore's Advanced in White and let them dry overnight. 

After everything was dry, my trusty and oh-so-handy man-friend got them drilled into the studs of the wall. 

And then the fun part - decorating!

The empty pieces of canvas are there as placeholders for art that I need to make.  Hopefully I can get those finished before school starts back up next week - although I wouldn't be surprised if they stayed blank until well after Christmas. 

So we went from this: 

To this: 

We still need to remove the popcorn ceiling, replace the seating and get a new rug (the old one just doesn't work), but all in all - the dining room is well on its way to being the first completed room in the house. 

Whoo hoo!

What do you think of the updates?

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