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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Curtain Queen

The dining room got some major (unexpected) updating over Labor Day weekend.

There was something about the room that I just didn't like.  Even with the addition of the big chalkboard, it just felt...wrong.

The best part about interior design is watching a room evolve over time, at least that's the best part for me.  One thing you can be certain about in our house is that NOTHING has a permanent place.  Vern is constantly whining that once he gets where things go figured out, I pull a change-up on him and he's back to not knowing where anything goes.  Boo hoo.

Maybe it's the completion of the cabinets (finally), but it's starting to feel like areas of our house are coming together.  The dining room being one of those rooms - I'm getting ahead of myself though.


Labor Day weekend had me perplexed over what to do/add/remove from the dining room.  I took a quick trip to Hobby Lobby as I waited for the cabinets to dry and stumbled upon this fabric.

Inspiration struck and snatched up 7 yards.  It was time for some curtain making. :)

It's amazing how easily curtains can impact the look of a room.  On the flip side though, the wrong curtains can look awful and distracting.  Picking out curtains and rugs will forever be the worst part of decorating for me.  I was worried that the fabric pattern wouldn't go with what we already had, but once I got home and held them up I was happy.  

First things first though, I needed to update the window trim from it's yellow-wood color to a crisp white. 

A few coats of primer and two coats of Benjamin Moore's Advanced in White did the trick. 

Now, I must first warn you that in no way shape or form am I skilled at sewing. 

I've made my fair share of square pillows and that's about it.  Sewing falls into the same category of woodworking.  I can do the basics, but I have no patience for anything complex.  So although I'm sure I did EVERYTHING wrong sewing wise here - they work and look fine.  That's all I need. 

I hung up one of the curtain rods we had lying around the house and then popped these handy fellas on: 

Again, we also had these lying around the house (in my closet of crap).  

Then I dusted off my sewing machine and hemmed along the top of the panel of fabric, not a big hem, maybe a quarter of an inch.  I hung it up and then cut along the bottom where I wanted the panels to land. 

I could have measured it out perfectly, but that would require a lot more effort than I was willing to put forth. 

Once one panel was cut, I just hemmed the rest of the sides with the ol' sewing machine. 

The end result?

If I didn't always use my crappy I Phone camera this picture might do them justice (but I didn't) and please ignore the rug - that is going bye-bye.  Focus on the curtains and how glorious they are. :)  I love how they turned out.  It's amazing what a quick $27 update can do.  Yes, only $27!  I used my hand 40% coupon and we already had the hardware, so all I really purchased was the fabric.   

Considering that one panel can run anywhere from $20 to $60 I think we did pretty good. 

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