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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Five New Things

This isn't a real "in-depth" post, but I figured I should probably try to keep my momentum of posting at least once a week.  We don't want to go through another "Tawnya doesn't post for an entire year" fiasco again.

So here are five new things for this week.

1.  School started again.  Yes, I'm back in that saddle.  Another round of classes has begun and even though I was able to start them two days early, I'm still feeling the stress that comes along with a new quarter.  So please be patient with me.  I'll try to keep the postings coming as house things happen, but it might be difficult as I adjust to another quarter of "I have no life".  Work and school full time are tough to manage, but once I get through the first few weeks and have a routine down all should return to normal.

2. Art for the Dining Room.  I was able to get one of the blank pieces of canvas covered with something last week.  Whoo hoo! Inspiration came from the inverted arrow art Dana with House Tweaking has for her master bedroom (here), so I created my own miniature version using painters tape and gold leaf.  I know, I know...last time I used gold leaf it was a disaster, but this project was pretty simple and I just vacuumed up the mess when I was done.  It's one of my favorite pieces in the house thus far. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the process, but if you want to make your own, just draw it out, tape off sections you don't want gold and then leaf away.

(Also, if you're looking for a new blog to read, House Tweaking is a good one.  I'm obsessed with the remodeling they did to their ranch house and love the layered looks she has created with each room.  Seriously...go check it out!)

Now to find something to put on that last piece....

3.  We started removing the old tile backsplash.  Well actually, the countertop guys did that. OH WAIT! I forgot to tell you! We ordered new counters! There's an entirely different post on that process, but in a nutshell we found a material we loved, ordered it and the guys came on Monday afternoon to measure and map out a template. In order to get accurate measurements they needed the old tile gone, so they hammered away at it.  We are going to have to remove the drywall anyway to run electrical for the under-cabinet lighting, so it wasn't necessary for them to be gentle...hence the holes in the wall.

4.  We got a new sink!  New counters means that if we're going to replace the sink, we have to do it at the time the counters are installed.  So of course, Vern found us a new one.  It's a single basin stainless steel sink that is ridiculously deep and beautiful.  When we first got it Vern pulled it out for me to take pictures of it, but I think I'll just leave you with a picture of the box. Showing it to you now won't do it justice, so you'll have to wait until everything is installed.  I know, the anticipation must be killing you.

5.  Removal of the Old Counters has Commenced: To save money we decided that we would handle the removal and disposal of the old counters.  So as soon as the installation guys left, Vern started whacking away at the laminate to figure out how easily it would pull up.  Turns out it comes off ridiculously easy.  He started going to town until I reminded him that I need the counters to be usable to do thinks like cook dinner.  That stopped him for the time being. 

Our installation date is set for October 6, so we have some time to wrap a few things up before then.  Things like removing the rest of the tile, removing the counters and removing the trash compactor and remaining cupboards.  

So although I don't have any concrete projects to share with you, this is what's going on in our world right now.  Hopefully I get through this first week of classes successfully and can get back to a regular blog posting schedule.  Until then, back to the books I go!
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