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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kitchen Progress!

A few weeks (or months) ago our kitchen looked like this: 

The laundry list of things to do was long and daunting, but I am proud to say that after the long holiday weekend our kitchen currently looks like this: 

Ahhhh, it makes me so happy to see the before and after pictures!  Over Labor Day weekend we accomplished a lot of projects around the house, but the biggest one was finishing up Phase One of the kitchen.  

We put the rest of the cabinet hardware back on and then while Vern napped on the couch I finished painting all the walls the same color as most of the house (Benjamin Moore's American White).  Granted, the walls will eventually be covered with tile, I couldn't help myself.  The ugly beige color had to go. 

Because we removed a cabinet (and plan on removing two more) I've had to get a little creative with where everything is going to go.  During our trip to Lowe's to look at counter tops (that's for a later post) I grabbed these $3 stemware holders and quickly screwed those to the bottom of the cabinets. 

Best $3 I ever spent. :) Although my supply of wine is getting rather low. If anyone wants to donate more, please do not hesitate. :)

We still haven't removed the two cabinets above the stove, nor have we begun to remove the old backsplash. I figured it doesn't hurt to leave these things up until the new counters have been installed and we're ready to start the big tiling project.  Also, I'm not looking forward to sorting through the 100+ spices and seasonings I have shoved in the cabinet next to the fridge.  

All in all though, we made some good progress and the kitchen no longer looks like a disaster area AND I get to cross TWO items off the list! BOOM!

  • Refinish/Paint kitchen cabinets.
  • Remove cabinets above stove.
  • Add cabinet hardware.
  • Install new counter tops. 
  • Add tile backsplash and accent wall. 
  • Replace stove exhaust.
  • Remove popcorn ceiling.
  • Remove trash compactor and replace with cabinet for trashcan. 
  • Install new light fixtures.
  • Install under cabinet lighting
  • Install floating shelves for dishes. 
What are your thoughts on the new look? Inquiring minds would love to know!

2 comments on "Kitchen Progress!"
  1. I think it looks great! Especially the little wine corner. Is the top just primed or are you keeping it white? I like the white top, black bottom look; it keeps the kitchen bright without having dirty white cabinets on the bottom, like at my house. :)

    1. The top cabinets are painted with Benjamin Moore's Advanced in White. We went this route with the cabinets for the exact reason you stated above! White lower cabinets show EVERYTHING and I didn't want to clean them every day. :)