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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Updates - The Ceiling is Down!

I know, I know - I promised updates and then two plus weeks went by with nothing. NOTHING. I'm sorry.


I'd like to give you a good excuse, but I really don't have one.  So my apology will have to suffice.  

With the counters installed we began the daunting work of re-texturing the ceiling.  

This has been one of the most mentally exhausting projects we have taken on, it feels like it will never end.  Both Vern and I are at a point in the kitchen remodel where we have pretty much checked out.  More so me than Vern.  The house is constantly covered in a fine layer of dust, everything is a mess, and it feels like we're never going to finish this. 

See, total disaster. 

Lucky for me I have a boyfriend who is good at finishing things.  If I had it my way, I would just stop and take a nice long break.  He's making sure that doesn't happen. 

I was able to make my way through the entire kitchen and then Vern took over to finish the rest.  Almost a week later we now have smooth ceilings in the kitchen and dining room.  The rest of the house is a different story. 

While we've been working on the kitchen, we've also been working on other projects, like replacing the counter that sat behind the couch.

We tossed around a bunch of ideas for this counter and even considered removing it entirely, but we really like having something to set our stuff on that isn't going to get knocked over by Sam's tail.  Seriously, one happy wag from that guy can clear the coffee table in seconds.

Since we're using butcher block to do the floating shelves in the kitchen, we decided to create some consistency by using the same material for the counter.  We happened to get lucky and found the perfect section of butcher block at Lumber Liquidators while we were on the West side for a wedding.

The man-friend pretty much worked on this project by himself.  I'm not a whole lot of help when it comes to projects like this.

We did decide it wasn't necessary to have four outlets behind the couch, so Vern covered up two of them and then installed new USB cord plug ins.

Pretty huh! :)

Once Vern got the backsplash part of the counter up he realized that it was too long, which would make the counter sit too low; so out came the saw.

Once everything was straight, level and cut exactly perfect, we were able to  put the "counter" portion up.  

We still need to fill in any holes and then stain it, but so far we're pretty happy with the choice to keep the counter and to go with butcher block.  

We're inching closer and closer to a finished kitchen, especially when you look at our list and how many things have been accomplished. 

  • Refinish/Paint kitchen cabinets.
  • Remove cabinets above stove.
  • Add cabinet hardware.
  • Install new counter tops. 
  • Add tile backsplash and accent wall. 
  • Replace stove exhaust.
  • Re-texture ceiling.
  • Remove trash compactor and replace with cabinet for trashcan. 
  • Install new light fixtures.
  • Install under cabinet lighting
  • Install floating shelves for dishes. 
  • Touch up cabinets
  • Install crown molding

We ordered a new stove exhaust, which will be here November 2 and we're planning on tiling this weekend or next.  

One step closer! At least that's what I keep telling myself. 

2 comments on "Friday Updates - The Ceiling is Down!"
  1. I'd love to update my bathrooms! Kitchen sink ;)

    Seriously looks amazing way to go! Can't wait to see it!