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Friday, October 3, 2014

Goodbye Trash Compactor

Ladies and Gentleman! The trash compactor has left the building!

Well actually, it's sitting on the corner of our street with a "Free! It Works!" sign on it, but it has officially left our house! If I danced this would be the part where I do I little happy dance, but I don't dance - so you'll just have to use your imagination.

The new counters are being installed on Monday, which means we have to get the kitchen fully ready for that phase of the remodel.  All the old counters need to be removed and the existing cabinets need to be prepped and ready for the install.  

First thing to do was to remove the trash compactor and then take down the remaining upper cabinets. 

Pretty huh. 

Vern needed the long cabinet next to the stove as a template to build a new one in place of the trash compactor.  Once the counters are installed we'll begin tiling this entire wall.  For now though, I get to enjoy the view of wires and studs. 

The large hole is where he ripped out the old stove exhaust.  You know, the one that had a functioning light, but absolutely no venting to direct anything away from the stove area.  So really it was pretty useless and not necessary to keep up.  Eventually we plan on getting a chimney exhaust, but I'm getting ahead of myself here. 

Back to the trash compactor...

With the trash compactor gone and the upper cabinet down, Vern began to map out his template to build a new cabinet that would house our garbage can and recycle bin.  

This is also when we uncovered the second layer of linoleum.  Fancy huh? 

The trash compactor was wider than the width of a standard cabinet, so Vern needed to remove the existing cabinet over 1/2 an inch.  It was hard to see him whacking away at my beautifully painted cabinets, I may have had a minor panic attack. Just a little one. 

Needless to say, I have some painting touch ups to do now.  Oh joy. 

This is also when we discovered the third layer of linoleum.  Classy huh?

I don't know much about Vern's process of building said cabinet.  I was doing homework and he was in the shop, but he got it done and it matches the others perfectly.  

He's very handy sometimes. :) I'm truly impressed. 

Once everything was screwed back into place he began to install the hardware for the recycle bin and garbage can. 

We chose the Rev-a-Shelf Double Bottom Waste Containers system, which had great reviews and would allow us to attach the cabinet drawer to the front.  At almost $400 these things are not cheap, but they will get the presence of our ugly garbage can out of the kitchen, which will keep the animals from the garbage, which will make me very happy.

The installation was super easy.  The directions come pre-marked with the places you need to drill.  All Vern had to do was mark the holes and then screw the brackets in. 

Once the brackets were secure, in went the basket that holds the bins...

...then in went the bins and we were done...well sort of.

We need to attach the cabinet door and I need to paint the entire thing, but this is one more thing to cross off our long list of things to do.

Pretty nifty huh!?

Now I just need to find the motivation to start painting again.  Just when I thought I was done painting cabinets...Vern goes and finds more for me to do.  Jerk.

With one project down, Vern began to tackle removing the rest of the old counters.  This involves the circular saw, a lot of banging and A LOT of mess. The above picture is literally how our kitchen looks right now. 

We only  have to live without counters for a few days, which is not bad in the grand scheme of things, but I feel like the road ahead of us is never-ending.  Fingers crossed that on Monday the counter install goes smoothly and my vision of our beautiful kitchen returns. 

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