About Us

I'm freakin' awesome - that's what's up.

Ok, but seriously - this is me...

I enjoy the beach, peanut-butter, decorating, remodeling and finding house projects for my man-friend to do. 

Speaking of man-friend....
this is my beautiful piece of man-meat....

He enjoys climbing, climbing and more climbing. He also sometimes enjoys building all the crap I ask him to. (But only if it doesn't interfere with climbing.)

And this is us together in a rare picture: 

Aren't we pretty? :)

We got married recently in a small ceremony at Vern's Mom's house.  

I'd like to think that look of pure joy on Vern's face is because he's marrying the love of his life, but I'm pretty sure he's just happy he doesn't have to hear me bitch about planning a wedding anymore. :)

Our little family also consists of our four furry children:

This is Sir Samuel Seven Nelson (aka Sam). Sam is our three year old Bernese Mountain Dog, and is most likely going to make a regular appearance on said blog. 

Oakley joined our little family last year.  She's our eight year old half Blue Heeler, half Australian Shepherd mutt, and the old lady of the house.  Seriously, she would sleep her life away if you let her.  

Lastly, we have the Thundercats, our three year old "barn cats" as Vern calls them. 

Little Cat (aka LC) is the one curled up, while Fitzgerald William (aka Fat Cat/Fatter) is the one glaring.  He rarely ever looks real happy.  

I started this blog as a way to get my "emotions" out, but then when I realized that no one gives a crap about my emotions I decided just to use it as an a way to keep our family and friends updated with the hundreds of little (and big) projects we are doing around our house.  Also, I enjoy making fun of Vern (who is also referred to as "Pook" "Man-Friend","Beautiful Piece of Man-Meat" and "Permanent Roommate" and "Husband") and the internet is the only place I can get away with it on a consistent basis. :)