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Princeton House

In 2012, we purchased our first home.

The Princeton duplex.

(This picture was pulled from the County Assessor's website, and isn't exactly what it looked like when we got the keys.)

Being the smart cookie that he is, the Permanent Roommate decided that our first home should be something that would benefit us long after we had moved on.  Princeton was never the "long-term" solution; rather, we knew that after a year or two we would move on and keep it as a rental.

Although we only lived there for one year, we made quite a bit of progress during that time.  Of course - this was before I thought we were going to be rich and famous for blogging (I kid! I kid!) so I didn't document things very well, but you can get a general sense with the pictures.

The very first thing I did when we moved in was paint almost every single wall with a coat of Benjamin Moore's Husky Grey.  Then I tackled the kitchen:

Kitchen Before 

Kitchen After

Yard Before

Yard After

Dining/Kitchen After

Living Room After

Master Bedroom After

Guest Room After

Bathroom After

Other than the kitchen and the yard, we didn't do a great job of documenting the projects we completed.  Our final project was completing the yard, and then we found our Keller house.

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